Egg storage solution – Finally!

If you’re like me and struggle to keep your eggs organised and they end up all over the surface of the kitchen like this then check it out below…


After years of my eggs rolling off onto the floor and getting in the way, I designed an egg holder to keep them tidy..

Made a rough design to get the dimensions right, and using some thin larch offcuts I got from TouchWood, I cut out the faces and shelves. I used a wayney edge piece for the 2 shelves, so you can see the natural curves of the wood, which gives it a more organic texture and shape. The handle on the top is 12mm oak dowel.





Pewley Hill Cable Spool Table

So I found a cable spool near the Guildford train station which according to the staff was going to get thrown away… so begins the spool rolling saga.

Now pewley hill has an average gradient of: 6.2 %; at its maximum it’s: 14.5 % and is 1.5 km through the centre of a city. What’s strange is no one battered an eyelid at us rollling this huge thing through the town, or up this ridiculous hill.

cable spool route

The spool was too high to use as a comfortable table, so we took it apart, trimmed the metal supports and side slats to give a nice height, trimmed the bottom ring so chairs could go under more easily, sanded it up and gave it a good coat of oli and varnish. Should last for many many years!

Corner Seat and Shelves

Revently I’ve been decorating the house with Rosie and making furnature and bits and peices to put things on. Here are some corner shelves and corner seat made from some beautiful hardwood that I found, covered in mud and looking totaly unusuable! and cleaned up.  We upholstered the seat with foam, an MDF board and material.

The shelves

  • For the shelves I planked the rails up which were aprox 50x150x1500 whne I found them. So slicing them lengthways into 25mm planks made them much more useful.
  • After I planked them I glued them together to make a wider board, clamped them with as many G clamps as I could find, then did a hell of a lot of sanding the get them smooth and looking great.
  • To hide the screws for the supporting rails I just mixed some of the sawdust up with wood glue and filled in the countersunk hole.. bish bash bosh.

The corner seat

  • Using the same timber we made a lovely corner seat for reading in or doing other seat realated activities
  • With salvaged MDF, from the  shelves that once occupied the alcove we made the base, upholstered it with fabric from an amazing local fabric warehouse called I Want Fabric and fronted it all with the deep red salvage hard wood.

Sweedish Candle Stools

Below are some photos of us burning sweedish candles with the intention of turning them into stools. If you’ve not heard of a Sweedish candle, it involves slicing a log length ways a few times. This creates a nice hole in the centre of the log you can squeeze some firelighters into. When you light them they make some really beautiful, contained and long lasting fires. We controlled the burning so they didn’t burn to feircely, so we could turn them into stools.

Once we finished burning we cleaned them off with a jet washer, sanded them down and oiled the outside. We should have just made 2 or 3 but instead, for some reason we made around 10 and after spending hours finishing them had no idea where to put them all!


I kept a small one for a plant stool in the bathroom.

Speaker Boxes

This is a work in progress, I’ll update this when they are done.

I designed these speaker boxes so the resonating chamber led into a horn shape. They are designed to add extra amplification, as a trumpet does as the air travels from the thin mouth piece to the wider horn.

This concept isn’t new, many speaker designs use this principle, I wanted to retain a curve in the horn rather than having straight lines as you often see on speaker rigs.

The major limiting factor to this project was materials. Other than the MDF I used to create the internal skeleton I salvaged old bearers, from large timber deliveries. The timber is a tropical hardwood and has a fantastic grain pattern and colour. Unfortunately this wood was just being used to keep planked timber from getting wet on the ground. I planked this hard wood up and used it to clad the speakers (finished pics one day)

Giraffe Sculpture

This is the post excerpt.

When I can snatch the time I like to design and make things. This is a giraffe in the style of Alexander Calder I made for Jono for his birthday working with wire is a really al consuming process. It’s like an untangable fight that is a complete mess till it’s finished. having only a partial form, it does look strange from alternative angles.