Corner Seat and Shelves

Revently I’ve been decorating the house with Rosie and making furnature and bits and peices to put things on. Here are some corner shelves and corner seat made from some beautiful hardwood that I found, covered in mud and looking totaly unusuable! and cleaned up.  We upholstered the seat with foam, an MDF board and material.

The shelves

  • For the shelves I planked the rails up which were aprox 50x150x1500 whne I found them. So slicing them lengthways into 25mm planks made them much more useful.
  • After I planked them I glued them together to make a wider board, clamped them with as many G clamps as I could find, then did a hell of a lot of sanding the get them smooth and looking great.
  • To hide the screws for the supporting rails I just mixed some of the sawdust up with wood glue and filled in the countersunk hole.. bish bash bosh.

The corner seat

  • Using the same timber we made a lovely corner seat for reading in or doing other seat realated activities
  • With salvaged MDF, from the  shelves that once occupied the alcove we made the base, upholstered it with fabric from an amazing local fabric warehouse called I Want Fabric and fronted it all with the deep red salvage hard wood.

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