BoomTown Festival 2015

The brief was to design and deliver an organic seating area for the festival with a high capacity and communal atmosphere.

We created a beautiful atmosphere and the seating was effective at creating coherent, communal and relaxing hubs. Seating for over 100 was achieved, a true identity existed and the atmosphere was fantastic. The nests were always full and vibrant communities of new forged friends taking respite from the excitement around. The lower one more than the higher one, owing to its comfort, more enclosed and isolated feel.

Open Nest
This nest had an open feel which focused the attention upwards towards
the canopy. The floor space was spacious enough for groups to form
and the nest’s size meant that sub groups could form within the space.
They had the outward appearance of a nest, woven and tangled, but
inside was a clean and comfortable pocket of community


Enclosed Nest
The enclosed nest was designed to feel more like a den, more secretive
and more sedate. The entrance made a clear boundary and represented
entering into a different space. The mood was gentle, kind and together.
The low design of the seat enabled people to sit on the floor with their
back to the tree, increasing the capacity and creating a bustling yet
relaxed community.


The nests were designed to encourage laying, gazing upwards and to
give the feeling of hanging in the trees. They were required to remain
low to the ground for safety reasons. This didn’t effect their impact in a
negative way at all. They were well used, creating another space within
the woodland to totally relax and giving a different perspective on the


The lighting we covered was predominantly Festoon lighting. The effect
was to create an avenue, highlighting the through route and to create
the appearance of sunlight speckling through the trees. The second
lighting style used was LED candles and rusted lanterns. For the lanterns
to be effective there would have needed to have been a lot of them and
well lit. I don’t think LED candles were the correct light source as they do
not last long enough, emit enough light and become difficult to maintain
during the festival.
If we are to go down the avenue of lanterns again we would need to
incorporate them in with the festoon lighting as the light source for
individual lanterns.



Read the full proposal document here: