BoomTown Festival 2016

Building from the success of 2015 Jono, Freddie, Jaz, Yas, Rosie, Sophie, Grace and Ali all threw everything they had at stepping 2016 up a notch.


The major developments to the project were the development of flat packable units which can be transported, re-used or sold as individual seating units.  Along with the seating side of things, I used this as an opportunity to learn some new skills, undertaking a new aspect of the project – The forests that were (read below).

Versatile Seating Pods

Designed to be movable and flexible these pods could be positioned to form a seating area, unique from the rest of the space. The inner structure allowed us to pin different styles of timber on the outside as a temporary cladding,. This gave each pod a unique and eye-catching appearance.


Net Seats V2


The new net seats had wooden frames, increasing their strength and creating a seat with greater impact.


Other improvements

The cladding methods were improved for the larger nests. Exploring the ranging possibilities of this material.