The Hive Project 2009- 2014

Encouraging a relationship with nature through design and play.



The Hive was born from a desire to create an imaginative environment where new experiences are gained through a series of spaces and structural innovations. This in turn compels a journey of exploration and discovery. It is a creative process that inspires play and forms exciting and engaging learning spaces for people of all ages.


The ethos of this project was to reclaim elements of  specific outdoor environments and accentuate them in both the design of a deliberate structure and in the program of activities. The Hive would describe the environment, highlighting the importance of children’s relationship with natural spaces. It aimed to reconnect with what could be considered as ‘past time’ recreation by making claim to the worth of natural play and imagination. It hoped to influence and educate people through various forms, natural structures, sculptures, performances, woodcraft, art, stories, free play and music. It would generate a hive of activity, learning about the environment and exploring it.

Pictured above are some of the Hive’s outdoor workshops at Whitley Woods, Vintage Festival, Chandler School, St Mary’s School, Bournestream Charity playground.


‘’Thank you for offering such a creative element to the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood.’’
Wayne Hemmingway

‘’The children loved the fantastic ‘invisible structures’ with amazing woodland imaginative camp building and play which provided a great opportunity for my husband and I to wander child free around the shops and stands. We couldn’t praise enough the gentle approach and childcare provided by this organization.’’
Wendy Rowark,